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Yet Another v1.2 Sneak Peak

photo photo 3 photo 2

Wow, Apple is really taking their sweet time pushing the v1.1 update through to the app store.  Thats ok though, we’ve had time to really beef up our (app store link) v1.2 update and it is all ready to submit as soon as v1.1 is approved (should be any day now). 2 great new features you can see in the screenshots above are the ability to set a priority (photo 3) on each todo and also the ability to sort your todos by: Your Order, Priority, and Due Date (photo 2).  We’ve also added over 10 new themes to this version and you can see some of those in the screenshots as well.

You can view other v1.2 features by visiting the links below:

We’ll update you when v1.1 is available in the app store and also show you all of the new themes once v1.2 has been submitted.

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  1. Daniel said

    I’m enjoying the app and the updates. :-)
    I wanted to request a space themed background
    and law enforcement one if possible, please.

  2. Patrick Otten said

    Of Course I’ll make those themes. As a matter of fact we have a theme called Earth coming in v1.2, so look forward to that :-)

  3. Daniel said

    Thank you!
    That would cover the major things in my life, my hobby (space) and job (law enforcement).
    My wife said you should have a “shopping” theme and “food” theme for groceries. So I said I pass that on. :-)

  4. Daniel said

    Just wanted to say the Earth Theme is very cool! :-)
    Looking forward to space theme.

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