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Watercule has been released in the App Store


Watercule (app store link) has finally been released in the App Store. Be sure to check it out and leave us your opinions in an app store review.

Also, Watercule v1.1 update has just been submitted to the app store and is awaiting approval.  Here are the update notes:

- Major bug fix that caused the app to crash
- Fixed a bug in the Levelizer mode regarding game over and level up.
- Fixed A pause bug
- Added the ability to turn your device off while playing and the game will pause with the menu up.
- Added sound switches to turn the music and sound fx on and off individually

Here is the app store description for Watercule:

Remember the old ring toss games where you fill the container with water, push the buttons and it sends the balls sloshing up towards the hoops?  Well, Watercule is kinda like that, just an electronic modernized one.

Watercule is an exciting new game that will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to get the highest score possible. With an engaging sound track and AWESOME sound effects, you’ll be filled with energy while you play your way to the top.

The controls are simple, tap the bottom platform repeatedly to send the balls up, up, and away. Gravity natural brings the balls back down and tilting your phone side to side moves the balls accordingly.

Currently 3 modes with more on the way (in future updates) offer you hours of competitive fun. Watercule allows you to submit your high scores for each mode, online.  This offers you more competition and is a great way to compete with your friends for bragging rights.

The object is to get the highest score possible in the time allotted. Pick up bonus time on the way to keep your game going, but watch out for the bad jellyfish, they’ll diminish your time very quickly.

This mode will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. The object? Get the highest score possible while avoiding the falling beetles. The beetles will take away from your starting lives of 3. Not to worry though, bonus treasure chests offer you help along the way with extra lives, fun bonuses you use by shaking the phone, and others.

Deemed the most challenging mode so far, in the levelizer mode, you climb the level ladder and on the way receive level bonuses to shoot your score higher and higher. To move onto the next level, you have to grab the specified amount of bananas for that level, but be careful, you only get a certain amount of bananas per level. Also, you are limited in your lives, so avoid the snakes, and strive to capture treasure maps to keep you in the game.

With the ability to release updates for Watercule, we’ll continually amaze you with new game modes and enhancing existing modes. With our high score versioning system, you won’t be out of the loop with an old update, you’ll be competing with all the people that are currently using the version you have.  Also, if you update, you’ll still be able to compete on the old versions. We are simply going to keep the old version’s modes, and add onto those.

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